A project learning with fungi to map radical alternative futures

Photo credit: © Paula Vivas;  © Hydar Dewachi; © Ai Narapol; © Maymana Arefin

Photo credit: © fungi.futures

A project shaped by Maymana Arefin’s award-winning MSc research: ‘Mapping Alternative Futures through Fungi’, 2021 (available here). 
London, UK
2021 - present

@fungi.futures builds upon the central thesis that mycorrhizal fungal networks (widely known as the “wood wide web”) can be used as a metaphor for activism and mutual aid. Since her research was published, Maymana continues to explore and experiment with her groundbreaking thesis that links mycelium networks in the soil to care work in human societies. 

To do so, Maymana leads plant/fungi walks, runs creative workshops, gives keynote lectures and organises tailored interventions for youth centres, community groups, activists, social justice practitioners and more. This project is committed to radical, decolonial, ecofeminist and abolitionist praxis. 

For queries related to this project, please contact me by emailing fungidotfutures[@]gmail.com.